Full Branding and Style Boards

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When your perfect customer comes across your brand, what would you want them to feel and remember about your company? If you know the answer but have trouble putting it on paper, we are here to help!

We have found that many companies know this answer but they struggle in articulating this answer, especially in creating a cohesive logo, color schemes and fonts. We will work with you, gather your wishes and listen to your thoughts. When we are done, you will be holding a beautifully made custom logo, color palette, font schemes, and a mood and inspiration board that will capture your customers attention.


Logo Design and Brand Refresh

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You can have recognizable brand and also have a strong, loyal following but still need a refresh of some key elements of your brand. If you have noticed your customer base changing in demographics or maybe you are trying capture and entirely new customer, consider a brand refresh!

At The Rockford Collective, we will focus on creating a new look but honoring the hard work and legacy you have already created.


Partnership in Creating

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You know your brand and customer better than we do and we want you to have the space and room to work through how you would create or refresh your brand. The Rockford Collective’s goal is always to be your partner in creating a brand that is based on company’s story and narrative.

Bring your ideas, your wishes and maybe even your mistakes to a meeting with us and lets create something together that everyone will love and be proud of.



Mobile First, Secure and Visually Focused

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nThe Rockford Collective’s Websites are built using three core principles to utilize current technologies and honor where your customer’s attention currently is.

Mobile First – Your customer is using their phone more and more every single day and your website MUST be ready to serve your customer where their attention is. The Rockford Collective’s websites are built mobile first and not as a mobile afterthought.

Secure – Every website created by The Rockford Collective includes a SSL Certificate. If you do not know what that is, just check for this. Does your website have a padlock before it in the website address? If it does not, it needs to! It addition to adding a strong layer of security, Google checks for it too!

Visually Focused – Your customer scrolls and scrolls the entire day and the only thing that stops them is strong, visually engaging content. The Rockford Collective embraces this and uses visually based content at every step.


Hosting and Management

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What is your plan if your website decides to take left turn and drop content, or a whole page just disappears or worse, your entire site goes down completely? Would you rather call you a human being at The Rockford Collective or try your luck at big box call center? Let us handle all the geek speak and keep your site humming along and updated!


Search Engine Optimized, SEO

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You can have the most beautiful site with the most engageing content but if your customers can not find your website, all that work is not creating you income. The Rockford Collective can take the guess work out if your customers are finding your website. All SEO campaigns are designed and quoted without double talk and smoke and mirrors. You can see and track the results just as your customers do.



Premium Content Creation

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After talking to our clients we have found that almost every company knows the benefits and regularly posting on social media and updating their website but the common theme is almost always they are struggling at creating the content. Especially content designed for specific platforms.

The Rockford Collective will partner with you to create content that will engage your customer and increase your organic reach to find new customers. Have an idea of what you want to create! Great, lets create it together!


Online and Social Ad Creation and Design

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Have you ever setup an online pay per click ad or facebook campaign and no one click on it? Or worse, all the wrong people clicked on it and you spent needless advertising dollars? Let The Rockford Collective design, create and manage all those ads so quality content is strategically placed in front your ideal customer.


Social Brand Management

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When was they last time you consistly posted quality content on all your social media profiles? Has a good customer asked a question on a platform that you missed? In today’s current online world, no only do you need to have profiles everywhere, you need to be PRESENT on those profiles. Our focus at The Rockford Collective is be your eyes and ears at all the online locations, building your brand, communication with your current customers and organically creating new customers.

Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build this Thing Together!